To build means to make a structure or something else by putting together materials in a particular way. it is also the second core mission of Tedd Properties Realty.  When it comes to construction of private houses, estates or commercial buildings, people basically think the work of a Qualified Realtor is not needed. That is affirmatively WRONG!

First, when a buyer/client works directly with a builder, the builder pockets the commission as additional profit. In most cases, homebuilders either have a marketing budget, which includes commissions, or they use a percentage profit or mark-up which includes a commission. Most builders will advise you that you don’t need a real estate agent. It is important to remember that builders represent their interest and not yours.

Remember that the first paragraph of this article states “Qualified Realtor.” The very best for you is to have a qualified, seasoned realtor to represent you in a construction transaction. Tedd Realtor Group is a team of qualified and experienced specialists, ready to work for your best interest and here is a list of few of the things we’d do for you.

  1. Most client will use a builder’s floor plan without consulting an architect. We insist on a professional architect’s plan because a good architect will introduce ideas and standards that builders want to avoid because of their yearn for a much simpler work.
  2. Typically, 4-6 meetings are conducted between the builder and the client before a contract is executed. At Tedd Realtor Group, we ensure you get the best contract price possible. Also, we ensure that our piece of land is used to its best to produce exactly what you want.
  3. Most builder will only do a walk-through with the client. We insist on an inspection by a licensed professional prior to closing and will attend the inspection with the customer. We also give you a detailed information on how the construction is going on, so you won’t miss out on anything.

In conclusion, having a qualified Realtor to represent your interests when having a new home is essential.

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