Tedd Realtor Group

Tedd Realtor Group

The Tedd Realtor Group (TRG) is a sub-company under the Tedd Properties Realty. We are a network of professional real estate marketers with a growing list of registered salespersons with proven track records.

Our mission is to help our clients get absolutely the best value, whether they are buying or selling. We believe that character, integrity, and honesty is everything. We live by the mindset that is driven to make everyone transact with our experience and get the best.

Our registered consultant base has the necessary skills and expertise to provide the services on the terms set out in any agreement we had with our partner companies.

We trained and engage the service of thousands of Network Marketing Realtor using functional community-based technology platform, mobile applications and support services for the sales and marketing of verified products of our partner companies.

Here is a list of our verified Partner Companies:

  • Alstonia Global Services Ltd.
  • Veritasi Homes & Properties Ltd.
  • Oshflex Royal Company Ltd.
  • Switchlane Investment Ltd.
  • Aspire Heights Realtors Ltd.
  • Wealth Island Properties Ltd.
  • Property Mart.
  • DNJ Investment Ltd.
  • Boing Luxury Estate.
  • Silver Pacific Homes.
  • Christal Homes.
  • Good Deeds Bricks and Bars.
  • Damac Properties.
  • Azizi Properties
  • Gracias Global Dev. Company Ltd.
  • GAP Partners.
  • BLH Homes.
  • Pazino ECC.
  • Livewell Gardens.
  • Brief Design Homes.
  • Photizo Properties.
  • Pragmactic Homes.
  • Sibgan Dev. Company Ltd.
  • Selvic PDC.
  • Landwey Investment Ltd.
  • Red Bricks Homes.
  • Casafina Cooperatives.
  • Parkhust Group.
  • Egletek Engineering.
  • Milebrooks Investments Ltd.
  • Way and Life Concepts Ltd.

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