September is gone, October is gone, and November is going already. Lots of people have been destabilized due to the major happenings this year—pandemic lockdown and endsars protest. Several people have gone through/are going through things they can’t even speak of. But you know what, there’s a lot to achieve before the end of the year if you put your heart to it.
Basically, the ember months are for RESTRATEGISING. They are months to look back on your goals for the year and check things you should have done. The ember months are months to buckle up, ensuring that the coming year doesn’t look like the last ones. So, have you neglected your goals for the year? This is the time to look them up and kick-start. It’s never too late to begin again.
Likewise, this is the season to INVEST. The investments you make now would help you greatly in the coming year, depending on how long your investment would last for. Which is why it’s best to have short and long term investment plans. We won’t stop talking about investments because that is where the money is. Likewise, if you need help on how to start investing, our contact details are below. Feel free to reach out to discuss on investments and how you can be an investor.
Also, the ember months are months of RECONNECTION. Are there friends and families you haven’t heard from, clients and business partners you seldom talk to? This is the time to reach out to them all and reconnect. Remember, people are also instruments for Business enhancement and growth, if you have the right people around you and you know the right ways to implement them. PS: People are not meant to be misused.

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