A Realtor is a person or business that sells or leases out real estate, acting as an agent for the property owner. Primarily, a Realtor is a guide. A Realtor’s job is to match you with a house that suits your budget and lifestyle needs, and helps you navigate making an offer, negotiations, the house inspection and closing on your new place. In short, a Realtor helps you make a house into a home.
Coupled with that, a Realtor helps you through land investments. You can call them the “money planters.” They make in-depth research on places that’ll grow in few years time, places people might have overlooked and they help you plant your money there. You’d be surprised at how much your money have grown because no matter what, land doesn’t depreciate; it keeps increasing in value.
You want to buy a house? You want to sell a house? You want to go into investments? It’s quite stressful to go through the research, statistics, negotiation, and several others all by yourself. That’s where a Realtor comes in. Realtors are trained experts with up-to-date experience, property marketing power, negotiating knowledge and ethical treatment.
Convinced you need a Realtor? We’re sure that’s a resounding Yes.
Tedd Properties Realty has been trained to meet all you needs when it comes to getting your dream house and starting a land investment, without going beyond your budget.
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